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About Welders Warehouse

Providing Quality Welding, Industrial Products & Services to Customers Across the Country

Welders Warehouse lnc. was founded in 1989 by brothers Gary and Scott Walter. After serving in the Marine Corps as a welder, Gary partnered with his brother Scott and started Welders Warehouse Focusing on daily consumable products such as, abrasives, ban saw blades, and most recently PPE products. Welders Warehouse continued to expand into the Twenty-first Century by introducing quality manufacturers, such as, 3M, VSM, Lenox, and many more to our distribution network. Today Welders Warehouse Co. Inc. continues to look for markets to add opportunities to grow while serving users in new areas. Our company continues to strive for excellence, just like we did when the company was founded, by providing quality welding and abrasive supplies to users in markets across the USA. It is our goal to exceed each user's expectations and give extra value to the products we supply. Thank you for browsing Welders Warehouse’s quality abrasives and welding accessories online for all your welding and fabrication needs. Please note that we are able to do same-day shipping! Can't find something on our website? Call or Email us! We look forward to helping you with all of your welding needs.